Application to use material

There is no fee for use of the Audio Material for the Classroom. Feel free to make a minimum donation to sustain this initiative at your discretion here.

There is a $15.00 shipping and handling Fee for a single copy of the play script, or, if you choose the CD option for Classroom or Auditorium Performance instead of Internet Stream. See “Ways to Use the Radio Play“.

Audio or Performance Use of Material for Charitable or Special Event or Programmed Symposium where tickets are sold for non-profit purposes requires an advance Deposit.

The Fee for event related Use of Material is based on your venue, the number of seats, number of performances, and the cost per ticket. Fees range between 3-10% after credit card or group sales commissions are deducted.

No more than two consecutive performances are allowed per license. No more than two consecutive weeks will be granted.

Download the application form here. After filling it out, save your changes and submit it to [email protected].