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In 1952, Anne Frank’s diary was introduced to the world in dramatic form for the first time as a radio play by author Meyer Levin. Levin’s dramatization reflected his conviction that it was Anne Frank’s voice, one Jew out of millions who perished, that could reach Americans with the fate of the Jews of Europe in WWII, a view ahead of its time in an era that embraced assimilation and the minimizing of minority identities. Only months after the broadcast, both Levin’s radio play and his full-length stage play had been shelved, and they languished in obscurity for nearly 60 years.

More Relevant Than Ever

In 2009, producer Jennifer Strome resurrected the radio play and has worked to make it available as an educational and community resource that addresses contemporary questions about identity, multiculturalism, and tolerance through an engaging dramatic medium.

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Limited Use – North America Only – 2013-2015

Use of the radio play is currently restricted to North America and is available for a limited time only.

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Recent News

Peace Unites Us

Wise beyond her years, Anne Frank understood that we are not merely bystanders. Peace unites us. “I don’t believe that the war is simply the work of politicians and capitalists. Oh no, the common man is every bit as guilty; otherwise, people and nations would have rebelled long ago! There’s a destructive urge in people, [read more ]

Our distinct identity unites us.

Never forget our collective humanity as our distinct identity unites us. There are many religious and secular holidays around the world in the month of December. Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and African to name a few. Let us each pray in our own voice for the students and educators that lost their lives to hatred and [read more ]

History often reveals a single voice to unite us as one

The voice of Anne Frank was heard for the first time on CBS in a nationwide broadcast sixty two years ago. “Shattering to the emotions” is how Billboard Magazine described author Meyer Levin’s half hour radio play adaptation of Anne’s Diary. Whether tragic or triumphant, history often reveals a single voice to encourage and unite [read more ]

“The Whole Earth Waits…” Anne Frank. Tolerance unites us.

While in hiding with her family from the threat of annihilation under Hitler’s regime, Anne Frank writes of hope, and fear: “…it’s twice as hard for us young ones to hold our ground, and maintain our opinion, in a time when all ideals are being shattered and destroyed, when people are showing their worst side, [read more ]

Forgiveness Unites Us

We are armed with the tools to educate and the power of forgiveness, but peacemaking remains at a distance. Instead, we continue to battle each other for all the wrong reasons. We will always be students of life, even as teachers, so let’s remember that forgiveness unites us, and education inspires us. Peace.

Unite for Freedom

Families unite in their plea for the safe return of hundreds of Nigerian girls taken from school by armed terrorists last month. Thrown into slavery in an act of degradation, we pray for these innocent girls, their families, and neighbors. Stand united together and call for action. Build a more peaceful world where freedom of [read more ]